7 Best Social Networks for Female Travelers

Traveling alone can be a great adventure but it can also be daunting, especially for solo female travelers. Multiply that by ten if it’s your first time going it alone!

While we don’t think anyone should turn down the opportunity for a solo trip, these are the best social networks for women that you might want to check out before you step on to that plane.

This way, you can meet other female travelers who are traveling solo but don’t want to be completely alone.

7. The Solo Female Traveler Network

As the name suggests, The Solo Female Traveler Network is one of the best social networks for women designed to connect solo female travelers with one another. It’s a free community of over 90 000 solo sisters who connect via social media, global meet ups and travel planning.

Some of the women connect and offer each other free accommodation, and on top of the site there’s very active Facebook groups and an Instagram account so that you can chat to other solo female travelers for advice or just share your experiences.

It’s a great resource to help you plan your solo travel and stay happy, healthy and safe while you’re doing it – plus if you join one of the meet ups, you could make friends for life.

6. BestSingleTravel

best single travel

BestSingleTravel is a travel agency specialising in solo travel. Sure, you might prefer to plan your own itinerary, but this can be a nice way to ease into solo travel or to explore a region which is a bit harder to navigate alone.

Plus, booking a trip via a solo travel agency means that you get to avoid the dreaded single supplement that normally comes standard with rooms, reservations and special deals.

There’s a special section for 18-35 year olds, which is a nice feature, as solo travel typically tends to focus on older travelers. This way, you can meet like-minded people who are of a similar age to you.

5. Wanderful

Wanderful is ‘the world’s best social network for women who travel.’ Their motto is that they ‘believe in women helping women travel the world’ and to achieve this they offer a variety of services.

Perhaps top of the list is verified, trusted homesharing with other women. You can rent out private rooms, meet up for drinks or dinner, or just be a friendly and welcoming face at the airport when another female traveller lands in your city (and vice versa, when you land in theirs!).

Wanderful doesn’t just offer homesharing opportunities though. In fact, it’s a true-blue female travel community. Aside from sharing tips on their Facebook community, hosting annual summits, and organizing small group tours, they also gather face to face in what they call ‘chapters’ – meet ups across the globe, organised by members. You can start a ‘chapter’ in your home city to meet people visiting or even residents who, just like you, are women who enjoy travelling. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet your next trip buddy at one of them!

Another reason why this is one of the best social networks for women; by signing up you help a female entrepreneur in a developing economy, thanks to their partnership with Womentum. If that isn’t a good reason to check out this female travelers network, we don’t know what is!

4. Pinktrotters

Pinktrotters is another social travel network designed with women in mind.

They aim to interact with women who want to ‘enrich their lives and souls’ through travel and provide a safe platform for solo travelers. Whether you’re always on the move thanks to your job or just because you love to travel, Pinktrotters offers points of reference wherever you’re going as well as events to attend ranging from food and fashion to arts and culture, as well as destination tips, recommended locations (think restaurants, bars, hotels and so on) and special travel privileges.

The network of Women also gives women the chance to attend meet ups, get tips and find out about useful travel products without worrying about uniquely female problems – like men wanting ‘something more’ from meet ups.

3. She Roams Solo

she roams solo female travel

She Roams Solo is a travel community It is an online social networking platform for women only. It allows you to create your profile, chat to other members, make friends, update your status and show pictures or links on the community board. On top of this, there is a forum which allows you to ask questions in a well-organised way. This is all done through the She Roams Solo platform and is free to join.

The idea behind the platform is to encourage women to travel and not be afraid. To provide access to the right information throughout the community so women feel encouraged and safe. To connect like-minded women openly and have a space where women can make friends globally, from locals to other travelers. It is not only for women who travel solo, as we can all benefit from everyone’s knowledge.

2. Tourlina (app)

Traveling alone can be wonderful, but sometimes it’s just more fun to have someone to experience new things with.

Tourlina addresses this problem by matching women with travel buddies in the city they’re visiting. It’s like a non-dating version of Tinder. You fill in your profile, let other women know what you’re interested in (i.e. are you more into museums or bar hopping? Beaches or city hopping?), select dates for your trip and a location and then swipe through your potential matches – just like Tinder!

This way, you get to travel with someone who has the same interests and ideas as you. The Tourlina app only allows verified users so you should hopefully minimize the risk of fake profiles.

1. The Blonde Abroad Travel Tribe 

the blonde abroad
Courtesy of The Blonde Abroad

theblondeabroad has a Facebook group called “The Blonde Abroad Travel Tribe“. This is a great community for getting tried and tested tips from fellow female travelers, including theblondeabroad herself. She has spent the past 6 years globetrotting to various unique locations worldwide and shares her experiences with a following of nearly 1 million subscribers. Also check out her website and Instagram page for wanderlust-inducing inspiration.


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