10 Best Coliving Spaces in the USA

Communal living is nothing new. But unlike the hippie communes of the 60s and the jam-packed dorm living situation of many college students, the new age of communal living known as “coliving” is a relatively recent phenomenon.

Many prefer the amenities that coliving provides, others the aspect of community. For most, it’s a mix of both. Digital nomads relish the freedom that coliving provides: everything under one roof and usually enough workspace to literally never have to leave home.

Let’s break down the 10 best coliving spaces in the US.

10. Roam – USA & Worldwide

roam miami

Roam prides itself not only on the communal aspects of their housing, but the quality and delivery of the tools required to be productive, from high-quality office chairs, universal power outlets and some of the best internet connections you’ll find in the USA. Rooms also have a queen or king-sized bed and a private bathroom, which is on the nicer end of most coliving spaces.

Roam is great for travelers. Although the price of renting at Roam vary by city (obviously Miami is cheaper than Tokyo), once you’re a Roam member, moving to another location is vastly easier than trying to find a new apartment on your own in a foreign city. And a Roam loyalty program gives you a lower rate for shorter bookings, perfect for the wanderlust freelancer. Roam proves itself as being one of the best coliving spaces in the world.

9. WeLive – NYC & DC

welive coliving new york

Created by WeWork’s co-founder Miguel McKelvey, WeLive is more than just adult dorm living. In fact, you might never have to leave. With workspaces, a recreational area, fitness studio, rooftop terrace with hot tub, espresso bar, free happy hour, laundry area, and readily available toiletries in-house, you might only feel the need to leave if you want to catch a show. Scratch that — WeLive has live comedy nights.

A full-time concierge and cleaning staff means you won’t have to drop a dime on cleaning supplies. And with WeLive’s mobile app, scheduling your room and laundry cleaning is as easy as a few finger presses.

While it’s only in New York’s Financial district and D.C. metro area’s Crystal City neighborhood, WeLive will undoubtedly be opening more locations in the near future. Not only do they understand coliving, WeLive simultaneously provides some of the best coworking spaces in the US.

8. Quarters – USA & Worldwide

quarters coliving

According to the company, Quarters is aimed towards “International young professionals, digital nomads, and millennials.” State-of-the-art living quarters use a keyless entry to access rooms and the building, as well as operating doors, lighting, heating and even the blinds directly through their mobile app.

One perk of Quarters is being able to move to any Quarters location around the United States, as well as the globe, with one membership. And with more than 1700 beds, Quarters claims to be the largest coliving provider in the world.

7. Ollie – USA

alta ollie coliving new york city

With locations in several cities across the United States, Ollie provides hotel-style coliving spaces in the US. Not only do they have a lap pool, spa area, work spaces, and a café, living quarters are equipped with smart TVs and thermostats, accompanied with Bluetooth sound and lighting.

A full calendar of local exploration is given to residents, where member perks give tenants discounted tickets to events, as well as day trips.

If you’d like, you can also use Ollie’s proprietary matchmaking service to find your perfect roommate.

6. Common – USA

common coliving chicago

Across the United States, Common provides some of the best coliving spaces in the US complete with free Wi-Fi, laundry, cleaning, utilities, and basic supplies. Common allows transfers between locations and most tenants have six-month or year-long leases.

Common organizes events within its cities with a Slack channel for all Common members to interact and plan activities. A high-end communal kitchen awaits fellow cooks and foodies at all locations and the living room spaces are furnished with items from West Elm and Restoration Hardware.

Many tenants have agreed that Common is unequivocally one of the best coliving space in the USA.

5. Tribe – NYC & SF


Tribe’s main emphasis is on community (hence the name). A careful vetting process ensures that the communal aspect of coliving is of the highest priority. Tribe calls it “Interest-Based Coliving,” having separate houses for different interests. Weekly dinners and events are run by house leaders who also make sure that their clan gets the most enjoyment out of their residence.

But also said no one needs a little occasional alone time? Tribe’s membership provides high-speed Wi-Fi with Netflix, Hulu, and HBO included. As long as you stay for at least 2 months, you can choose between a shared bedroom or your very own private room.

4. Outpost – NYC

outpost nyc

Each of the eight Outpost locations in Queens and Brooklyn offer coworking space at a month-to-month membership for a no strings agreement or a longer-term lease if you’re looking to get a slightly cheaper rate.

Each location has a “House Leader,” similar to a resident advisor, who can answer any and all of questions you may have.  Outpost can come out extremely affordable if you’re okay with sharing a bedroom, without the worries that can arise when bunking up with a stranger from craigslist.

3. Dwell – Brooklyn, NY

dwell coliving

Dwell is one of the few coliving spaces that exist in an actual home, rather than an apartment building. And even though you can rent month to month, the vetting process is quite intimate, with each prospective tenant writing a few paragraphs as to why they think they’d be a good fit and then introducing themselves around the home.

An Amazon Echo, Netflix, Hulu, and complementary groceries are just some of the amenities at the two Dwell locations.

2. Haas – San Francisco

haas coliving

With events like roller discos, rooftop parties, surfing, and yoga, Haas is hands down one of the best coliving spaces in the USA. Not only does Haas love communal events, it provides for its tenants conference rooms, game rooms, rooftop terraces, fire pits, and Jacuzzi. You might forget it’s where you live, thinking, “When did I go on holiday?”

Haas has multiple locations in San Francisco, California and offers single-gender bedrooms as well as gender-neutral bedrooms, if you decide to have a shared room.

The majority of Haas’s members live there long-term, showing that Haas provides a more than exceptional living environment.

1. Outsite – USA

outsite coliving house

Outsite has 10 coliving locations in the United States and many more worldwide. Although a $199 membership isn’t mandatory, it includes discounted rates, local vendor perks, and free coworking day passes.

Since there’s no minimum to how long you can stay here, a quick night or two stay might be just what you need if you have a lengthy layover or a weekend holiday. Workspaces and fully furnished private rooms with high speed internet are offered for all colivers.

Outsite seems to be a great short-term living situation rather than a long-term one, as it melds together the convenience of Airbnb with the utilities of a work space, making it one of the best coliving spaces in the USA.


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